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What is Get Lucky Live! *really* worth?


There’s not a single event for makers which blends community, education, product photography + graphic design services the way that Get Lucky Live! does. We’re incredibly proud to deliver an innovative roster of workshops, custom graphic design, professional photography and one-on-one mentoring designed to get creative entrepreneurs on the path to empire-building success. The value of this event is truly incredible!

$750: 15 hours of wisdom-filled business workshops ($50 per hour)

$600: More than twenty sample scripts + resource lists + worksheets ($40 each)

$299: Professionally-designed line sheet + order form (for up to 8 products- we can add as many as needed for an additional fee)

$320: Line-sheet style product photos (8 at $40 each)

$250: Editorial-style product photos (2 at $125 each)

$200: Headshots (2 at $100 each)

$120: Breakfast + Lunch + Snacks each day

PRICELESS: Community building, inspiration, champagne toasts, beautiful swag

That grand tally? $2,469. Yikes! But we’re able to pull together all of these pieces for a much-easier-to-digest $1299. And we offer a handy payment plan, too. Your registration includes photography + graphic design for up to 8 products, though we can add as many products as you like. For more information about larger packages, please visit the event FAQ.

But can we offer this live event at such a delicious price? The answer lies in the design of the program itself: we gather together an intimate group of makers for an exclusive event with a carefully orchestrated schedule and an amazing team of experienced creatives who get the job done. We’re all in one room together + the foundations for each participant have been laid long before we touch down in our host city, enabling us to move the ball forward with instant feedback at lightning speed. It’s a remarkable experience designed to arm + empower + uplift makers who are ready to “level up” their business game!

Have you reserved your seat to the Atlanta event? We have makers flying in from as far away as Missouri + New jersey for this special event. There’s just a week left to RSVP for one of the last remaining seats! I’d love to put your name on it.

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