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You have questions? We have answers! Oh, so many answers…

What is Get Lucky Live?

This innovative 3-day event is two parts business workshop + one part party, designed to arm + empower creative entrepreneurs with the tools + wisdom they need to get their products out of the garage and onto the shelves. The only event of its kind, Get Lucky Live! combines a series of tactical workshops with live photo shoots + real-time graphic design services to create a launching platform for makers who are ready to enter the wholesale marketplace or amplify their existing wholesale efforts.

Essentially, we build the foundation makers need to erect wholesale empires in 3 days flat. It’s a pretty bad ass affair…

Who’s behind this gig anyway?

Get Lucky Live! sprang from the imagination of Lela Barker, who’s been a maker herself for more than a decade. After landing more than 1200 wholesale accounts for her product collection, Lela founded Lucky Break Consulting to share her wisdom + toolbox with other creatives. Get Lucky Live! is a natural evolution of the workshops + design services she’s used to propel hundreds of makers forward in their own entrepreneurial journeys. Lela has hand-selected a brilliant creative team to work alongside her when bringing the Lucky Break show on the road. Want to know more about the mentors rocking out with her? Visit our Meet the Team page for an introduction to the uber-talented souls who are making it happen!

Who should attend Get Lucky Live?

Our live events are designed especially for makers and designers who are building a brand by designing creative products. The Lucky Break  mentors originate within + advise artisans from a variety of product categories.  Jewelry, specialty food, beauty + apothecary, stationery + paper goods, ceramics, apparel + home accessory designers are welcome at the event.

What can I expect from the event?

Tactical, small-group workshops designed to arm + empower you to tackle the world of wholesale. Each is steeped in wisdom + sprinkled with humor to deliver a guaranteed good-time, infused with serious business strategy. We invite you to browse the details for each event for the complete workshop schedule.

Professionally designed line sheets + order forms that you can tuck right into the hands of wholesale buyers. These documents convert interested buyers into people who actually write checks made out in your name! They’re the keys to getting your products on the shelves of your favorite stores. Learn more about the line sheets + order forms you’ll receive as an event participant.

Beautiful + effective product photography designed to sell product. We’ll take the shots for you- both simple linesheet-style images + the more lush, editorial variety. You’ll assist our professional stylist to create compelling imagery for your website + press kit. Learn more about the types of photographs you’ll receive as an event participant.

Holy-Smokes-You-Look-Great headshots that are begging to be added to the “about” page of your website + press kit + social media profiles. Don’t worry: we’ll bring the props + crank the tunes to show you exactly how fun + easy this can be!

A network of savvy entrepreneurs who “get” you + are invested in your success. We design transformative experiences ripe with opportunities for networking + tribe-building, with the potential to continue nurturing those relationships long after we’ve all headed home.

Breakfast + lunch + light snacks throughout each day. Hungry tummies don’t make for happy brains, so we provide the fuel you need to propel yourself forward through the program. We focus on beautiful + healthy + delicious cuisine that satisfies hearts + heads.

Swag (and plenty of it)! Drop-dead-fabulous goody bags brimming with beautiful things from makers we adore. Champagne toasts at our “Big Reveal Party.” And special, take-home surprises specific to each event. We love presents + we’re crazy-good shoppers!

Generous savings on other Lucky Break Consulting products + services you’ll likely find helpful. Think: preferential pricing on Price-O-Matic, our product pricing software + discounts on upcoming classes.

What will I be taking home?

Lots! You’ll leave the event inspired + armed to the teeth with the tools you need to take your business to the next level, including a smartly branded hard drive which contains …

How do I snag a seat at an upcoming Get Lucky Live! event?

Registration opens for each event approximately four months before we touch down in the city. Seats are extremely limited in order to ensure personalized attention + a body of work which is of an insanely high quality. The number of spaces available is announced for each city + they’re offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. We regret that we cannot hold seats in the absence of an official registration. And no… we can’t simply wiggle another spot into the mix.

The only way to reserve a seat is to complete the online registration process for your city of choice. Through the magic of the internets, seats will be deducted from our inventory as they’re claimed + a fancy-pants “sold out” banner will grace the registration page the moment the last seat has been reserved.

Missed the party this time around? Fear not- the master plan will bring Get Lucky Live! to 4-6 cities each year, so there’s a better-than-even chance that we’ll be back very soon. Hop on the mailing list to be among the first to know when to expect us. We can’t wait to meet you!

What’s the difference between “line sheet” + “editorial” photography?

Line sheet images feature individual products on a simple background without props. They’re designed to showcase the packaged product + nothing more. They’re called “line sheet style” because this type of photo is incorporated into a line sheet, a mini-catalog of sorts which is presented to wholesale buyers who are interested in your collection. They look awesome on your website sales pages, too!

Editorial images tell the story of a product, communicate brand ethos or illustrate a particular lifestyle. They’re more lush + detailed than line sheet images + typically feature people or props. They look divine on your website home page, in your press kit, on your “about page” + they spice up catalogs, too.

What image style will we be creating at Get Lucky Live? Both! A skilled product photographer will be shooting your line-sheet-style photographs in his Chicago studio long before the event kicks off. We’ll bring those finished images (and your products) to the live event, where you’ll work together with our special guest photographer to style a couple of editorial shots, too. We’ll have heaps of props available (including freshly cut flowers, fresh fruits + veggies, small trinkets, linens + glassware), but you’re welcome to bring anything in particular that you’d like to include in your editorial shoot. Learn more about the process at our blog. 

I work a full-time gig and it’s a challenge to take off work. Is there a way to make this work for me?

We’ve designed Get Lucky Live! events to fit conveniently into your weekend plans as much as possible. The events take place on Saturday + Sunday + Monday, though we wrap things up a few hours early on Monday so you can catch a plane/ train/ bus out of town if need be.  The goal? If you’re holding down a 9-5 hustle while building your burgeoning empire, then you’ll be able to work a full day on Friday, roll into town that evening, plan world domination with us over the weekend and be tucked safely back in bed before the clock strikes midnight on Monday evening. And that single day you need to spend out of the office will be the best business investment you’ve made in a while. We guarantee it!

How many products are included with my event registration?

Your registration fee includes product photography + graphic design services for up to 8 products; however, we’re happy to shoot + design for as many products as needed. Include as many products as you need for just $50 each. Time for some quick + dirty math!

Number of products Total package cost
1-8 $1299
9 $1349
10 $1399
11 $1449
12 $1499
13 $1549
14 $1599
Every additional 4-pack … + $200

When you reserve your seat (link to the Registration page) through this site, you’re reserving a package for up to 8 products. We’ll be in touch within a week or two of your reservation to understand how many products you’ll want to include in the event and to collect the balance due for those products. If that balance isn’t settled within 10 days of our communication, we’ll revert back to the standard reservation, which includes those 8 products.

Regardless of the package size, each participant will receive: 1-2 editorial shots + 2 headshots + 1 goody bag. The additional fees cover the costs incurred to photograph each product for your line sheets, as well as the cost of the additional graphic design services needed to build out a line sheet + order form which include your entire collection.

Do you offer a payment plan?

But of course! We recognize that Get Lucky Live! is an investment in your business and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to attend. At the time of registration, you’ll select to settle tab in full or to pay a deposit equivalent to about 1/3 of the event tuition, with the balance being automatically charged to your credit card in two equal payments over the following two months. There is a $99 fee attached to the payment plan, designed to cover the additional expenses we incur when managing these plans.

A wee bit of a caveat: if you default on the payment plan, we reserve the right to cancel your seat without refund. Please make certain you can honor the financial commitment before registering.

What additional costs should I budget for?

The cost of the event is pretty damn inclusive; however, there are a few stray bits you’ll need to keep in mind. If you’re traveling from out of town, there will likely be a need for accommodations close to the venue, transportation to the event city, etc. Those expenses are outside the scope of + in addition to your event registration fee. Rest assured that we carefully select venues which are conveniently located near reasonably-priced hotels, several dining options and… not in some crazy part of town where one feels the need to have mace in-hand at all times, so rental cars really aren’t needed.

We believe that well-fed makers are happy makers + this curriculum is going to demand some serious brain power, so we’re happy to provide breakfast + lunch + light snacks on all 3 event days. Dinners are “on your own.” We hear that your liquor bill can be a thing of wonder (*wink wink*), so cocktails are on you, though we provide coffee + hot tea + several cold beverage options throughout the day.

You’re cordially invited to a Cocktail Kickoff the night before the big event. This is an opportunity to mix + mingle before we dig deep on day one. Participation is completely optional + at your expense. Though if you share a really juicy story, we might be inclined to buy your next glass of wine.

Finally, you’ll be responsible for the cost of shipping your products to our Chicago-based photographer, though we’ll pick up the return tab and you can pick the products up at the live event.

What if I have less than 8 products in my collection?

The registration fee for each event is inclusive of the services needed for 1-8 products.

What if I only need a few pieces of the Get Lucky Live! pie?

The services offered through Get Lucky Live! are a package deal + cannot be subdivided nor separated. So while we can add more, we can’t offer less. We realize it may be a bummer, but there’s simply no way to artfully carve this pie into tidy pieces. The magic + ultimate synergy happens when all of the Get Lucky Live! services come together. Each one layers or builds upon the previous, so we’re looking for whole-pie lovers, though we don’t discriminate against those who prefer apple over lemon meringue. I mean, we don’t understand digging apple over lemon meringue, but to each his own …

How do I prepare for the event?

There will be lots of ground to cover once we kick things off, so we want to ensure you’re fired up + ready right out of the gate! We’ll host a group call approximately 60 days before the event to chat about work flow + answer any questions.  Don’t worry if you can’t make it live- we’ll record + disseminate the playback via email to all registered participants. There are lots of moving parts to a Get Lucky Live! event + each is precisely timed. We’ll need two important pieces of the puzzle from you in advance of the live event in order to deliver on our promises:

        • Your products should be mailed to our Chicago-based product photographer + scheduled to arrive in his hot little hands no later than 45 days in advance of the event.  He’ll have hundreds of images to capture before we touch down in the host city, so we ask that you carefully honor this deadline. Failure to meet this obligation will result in an additional $100 fee. If your products aren’t in-hand 30 days before the event, then you’re more than welcome to attend, but we won’t be able to shoot your products or design your line sheets. Full or partial refunds won’t be available, so please make this a top priority! Don’t worry- we’ll remind you of the exact deadlines as they approach.
        • We’ll also provide access to a series of video workshops 45 days in advance of the event. These workshops will necessitate about 3 hours of study + they’ll walk you through building wholesale terms + making important design decisions about the line sheets + order forms we’ll be creating for you. You’ll have 30 days to review those workshops and communicate your terms + design preferences to us via our online submission form. We need them in-hand 15 days before the big event, so our design team can hit the ground running once we’re all together. If you miss sending these details to us at least 15 days in advance of the event, then we’ll be happy to design your line sheets + order forms, but they’ll be delivered within 30 days of event close + we won’t have the opportunity to collect design feedback from you at the event.

Learn more about preparing for the event at the blog.

What’s expected of me as a Get Lucky Live! attendee?

We expect you to:

      • Ask questions about anything you don’t understand in advance of the event.
      • Promptly complete the pre-event questionnaire once it’s dispatched.
      • Have your products ready for photography + in the hands of our photographer no later than 45 days before the event.
      • Have your line sheet information submitted to our designer no later than 15 days before the event.
      • Arrive on time each day for the live event, ready to rock.
      • Respect our time + the time of other participants by making quick styling decisions during your photo shoots.
      • Fully engage, both during workshop Q+A’s and individual consults with our photo stylist + graphic designer.
      • Help us create a safe, supportive environment for all attendees.
      • Bring what you need to participate (see below).
      • Have a damn good time + we’re hellbent on making that happen!

Remember: what you get out of a Get Lucky Live! event is directly proportionate to what you invest in it.

What should I bring with me?

You won’t need much, but we recommend bringing along the following …

      • Your laptop + a power cord
      • Pen + paper
      • A smartphone for snapping pics + sharing the goodness via social media
      • Any special props you’d like to see included in your editorial photo shoot
      • Whatever you’d like to wear for your headshot photo session (don’t worry…we’ll send over a list of helpful styling tips before the event!)

It’s also important to note what you should NOT bring: your babies, your besties, your crazy ex-boyfriend. It’s you + the Lucky Break creative team … all weekend long. And we’re going to need you to FOCUS.

I’m an alumni of Lela’s “Lucky Break University: Secrets to Wholesale Success” program. Is Get Lucky Live! still a good fit for me?

Oh, yesssss. LBU is an incredible program which shares some curriculum with the Get Lucky Live! event series, but they are very different animals indeed! Some classes offered in LBU aren’t offered at the live event + vice versa. Also important to note: the product photography, headshot photography, and line sheet + order form design are unique + exclusive to Get Lucky Live!

We also believe that there’s a certain magic that happens when we all get in one room together. Bonds are forged, stories are swapped, cocktails are consumed + the opportunity is ripe for authentic tribe-building. The energy of that live encounter is palpable + unforgettable!

Life just happened and I won’t be able to make it to Get Lucky Live! even though I’m already registered. What are my options?

If you Contact Us in writing at least 60 days before the event kickoff, then we’ll do our very best to reassign the seat. If we’re able to find someone to fill it within 10 days of starting the hunt, then all fees paid-to-date will be returned, minus a $100 administrative charge. If we’re unable to fill the seat on short notice, then a refund won’t be possible, though you’re welcome to send someone in your place to enjoy the live event (sans product photography + line sheet + order form creation). Please let us know the name of the individual to expect so we can welcome them to the party.

I have a food allergy or dietary restriction. What are my nummy options at the event?

We’ll beam over a registration form about 60 days before we all converge on the city of choice. That form will harvest key details about your participation, food allergies + dietary restrictions chief among them. Fill us in on what you need + we’ll do our very best to make it happen. We want you to be full + happy!

Can I record the live event?

While you are most welcome to snap pictures to your heart’s content, live audio + video recordings aren’t possible. We appreciate your cooperation.

I’m not familiar with the city. Can you help direct me with regard to where to fill my belly/ where to lay my weary head/ where to find my future husband?

That “future husband” bit might be a bit tricky, but we’ll do our damnedest. A carefully curated Welcome Guide is designed for each city. Check out each event to explore our suggestions about where to eat + where to rest + where to play.

I’m coming in from out of town. Can you help me find a roommate to split hotel costs with?

We’ll be linking up participants in a private, event-specific Facebook group in advance of meeting for world domination. If you’re looking for a roomie, we recommend shouting it out there.

I’d like you to bring the party to my city. How can I sweet talk you into bringing Get Lucky Live! to my back yard?

We’re open to persuasion. Be in touch to let us know where you’d like us to touch down next!

I’m interested in working with you on an upcoming event. To whom do I send my missive?

We’re always interested in collaborating with innovative makers, beautiful venues, talented floral designers + chefs and forward-thinking service providers. We invite you to get in touch, being certain to include a link to our website + we’ll circle back if there’s synergy in the opportunity.