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Editorial images feature props which show the product in context
A line sheet-style product image

A line sheet-style product image

Throughout my eleven year journey as a maker, and through serving as a consultant + mentor to hundreds of other amazing brands, I have truly come to understand the power of an image. Product photography was one of the first big investments I made when designing my beauty brand. I knew that if I could create compelling product imagery that out-classed my competitors, then retailers would jump at the opportunity to pick up my line. And I was right!   More than 1200 shops have signed onto my product collection and not a week goes by that we don’t hear “Your product images are gorgeous!”

Because I know first-hand the power of pictures, I’m forever advising my consulting clients to invest in this area, but now I’m taking things a step further. Through Get Lucky Live!, we’re connecting makers with product photographers to manage the creation of knock-their-socks-off product line sheet photography and sumptuously styled editorial images. Let’s explore those two styles for a moment:

Line sheet-style images feature individual products on a simple background without props. They’re designed to showcase the packaged product + nothing more. They’re called “line sheet style” because this type of photo is incorporated into a line sheet, a mini-catalog of sorts which is presented to wholesale buyers who are interested in your collection. They look awesome on your website sales pages, too!

Editorial images tell the story of a product, communicate brand ethos or illustrate a particular lifestyle. They’re more lush + detailed than line sheet images + typically feature people or props. They look divine on your website home page, in your press kit, on your “about page” + they spice up catalogs, too.


Editorial images use props to put a product into context.

What image style will we be creating at Get Lucky Live? Both!

Before we touch down in each city, participants will forward their products to our Chicago-based line sheet photographer, who will capture crisp, clean images that we’ll later incorporate into custom-designed line sheets + order forms. In addition to passing them onto Jenn (our graphic designer), we’ll also load them onto a beautifully branded thumb drive, so these images can be added to press kits, web sites and more.

At the live event, our stylist + photographer (Elea) will lead a workshop which teaches participants how to style images at home, building a visual brand identity through photographs on their blogs + social media platforms.  Immediately following that workshop, Elea will work one-on-one with participants to style a couple of editorial shots, too.

We’ll have heaps of props available, including: freshly cut flowers, fresh fruits + veggies, small trinkets, linens + glassware. We’ll load a couple of the best images onto that same hard drive, so they can easily be added to the home page of a website, the front cover of a catalog, popped into an “About” page or added to a press kit.

If you can’t join us at at Get Lucky Live! event, you can always try your hand at creating your own product imagery.  These tips will likely prove helpful…

Best practices for line sheet images:

  • White or neutral backgrounds that don’t distract from the product being featured.
  • Each image should focus on a single product or product family.
  • Product images should contain minimal props (if any at all), keeping the emphasis on the product itself.
  • Consistency is key! Images should be consistently styled, framed and lit.
  • Utilize images which are high resolution (300 DPI+).
The same ceramic pot, with different styling in another editorial image.

The same ceramic pot, with different styling in another editorial image.

Best practices for editorial images:

  • Be careful not to overwhelm with props. Your product should always be the star of the photo!
  • Mindfully select a color palette. Anything more than 2 or 3 colors and you run the risk of detracting from your product.
  • Chose props which tell a story + show your product in context. Help buyers imagine how they could put the product to use.
  • Scale should always be considered when selecting products. Be careful to keep the size of your product in mind.
  • Utilize images which are high resolution (300 DPI+).
An editorial image featuring products from Bella Lucce, my beauty brand.

An editorial image featuring products from Bella Lucce, my beauty brand.

Grab your seat at an upcoming Get Lucky Live! event and we’ll deliver crisp + gorgeously-styled, product images… and you won’t need to lift a finger!

Ceramic pot design by the amazing Jenn of  Unurth.
Editorial photography courtesy of Elea Lutz.

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