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Line Sheets + Order Forms (What They Do + Why You Need ‘Em!)


Blog_LinesheetPost-10Do you know what to put in the hands of wholesale buyers who are interested in your line? In the world of wholesale, line sheets + order forms make the word go ’round. buyers are fantastically busy people and the most successful indie brands are those who know how to slip precisely what the buyers needs into their hands at exactly the right time.  The tactical business workshops at a Get Lucky Live! event will teach you how to do just that, and our creative team will be hard-at-work during those workshops, putting together professionally-designed line sheets + order forms custom designed  especially for you.

A line sheet for Unurth, an LA-based ceramics company, designed by the Lucky Break Creative team.

A line sheet for Unurth, an LA-based ceramics company, designed by the Lucky Break Creative team.

A line sheet is a hybrid between a catalog and an order form. It features simple (but professional looking) images of each product in your collection, along with critical ordering information:

  • Product name
  • Item number
  • Available variants (sizes, colors, fragrances, etc.)
  • Minimum quantity
  • Wholesale price
  • Recommended retail price

It also features other uber-important information, such as your contact information and wholesale policies.

A coordinating order form for Unurth.

A coordinating order form for Unurth.

An order form is precisely what you presume it to be: a fantastically organized way to collect all the details of a wholesale order. Critical components of an order form include:

  • Your contact information
  • Your wholesale policies (yes, again)
  • Buyer information (store name, buyer name, contact details, billing + shipping addresses, etc.)
  • Which pieces they’d like from your collection (and in what quantity)
  • Payment details
  • A spot upon which the buyer affixes their signature (to indicate agreement to your policies + confirm accuracy of the order)
  • Your anticipated ship date

Together, these documents are known as a Buyer’s Packet.

If you want to play in the world of wholesale, these documents aren’t optional.  It’s important to remember that this these documents make the “first impression” of your product collection, so they  need to be beautifully branded, logically organized and elegantly presented. Lucky for you, the Lucky Break creative team are masters of line sheets + order form design. Reserve your seat at an upcoming Get Lucky Live! event and we’ll design line sheet + order forms for you. We’ll shoot your products and you’ll sit side-by-side with Jenn, our brilliantly talented graphic designer, as she translates your brand aesthetic to these documents. You’ll have the opportunity to make real-time edits to create truly customized marketing materials that will charm the pants right off of wholesale buyers.

Can’t make it to a live event? We can design your Buyer’s Packet virtually, too.

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