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The Get Lucky Live! experience is a potent combination of mentorship, one-on-one feedback, small group business workshops, live graphic design services and professional product photography. We blend all of those elements together for a singular goal: to help makers + creative entrepreneurs get their products onto the shelves of their favorite shops.

The magic of Get Lucky Live! kicks off long before we roll into your city.  In fact, we begin working together approximately two months before the event, through a series of video workshops and conference calls. In order for the Lucky Break creative team to pull together all the photography and graphic design, we’ll need you to commit to a few projects in advance of the event.


1. Reserve your seat through this site. Each event is exclusive and intimate, with a very limited number of seats available.

2. Each seat at Get Lucky Live includes product photography for 8 products, as well as a line sheet and order form which includes all 8 of those products. You may expand this package to include as many products as you need for just $50 each, which includes the photography, as well as inclusion on your line sheet + order form.

3. We’ll be in touch within a week or two of your reservation to understand how many products you’ll want to include in the event and to collect the balance due for those products. If that balance isn’t settled within 10 days of our communication, we’ll revert back to the standard reservation, which includes those 8 products.

4. The mentoring starts long before we touch down for the live event. You’ll be invited to a special group call with Lela approximately 60 days before the live event. Lela will fill you in on all the details and answer any questions you might have.

5. Ready to draft wholesale terms that attract buyers like bees to honey, while still protecting your business? You’re invited to view a 90-minute video workshop in advance of the event. Draft your wholesale policies and gather your product information, submitting them to us digitally two weeks before the event and we’ll get your graphic design services started.

6. Your products are due in the Chicago studio of our product photographer no later than 30 days before the live event. You’re responsible for those shipping fees, but we’ll pay to have them shipped to the live event and you’ll pick them up and carry them home with you after the event.

7. We’ll have your finished product photos ready for the live event and our graphic designer will sit down with you to build the order form + line sheet of your dreams. You’ll make style changes instantly and customized these important marketing materials into well-branded, professional documents that will propel your brand forward.

8. Our photographer will be live at the event as well, along with an abundance of props: textures and glassware, fresh fruits, flowers and plants. Our photographer will work one-on-one to create a styled vignette that reinforces your brand identity and shoot a live editorial picture or two for you at the event.

9. The final day of the live event includes include a fun, stress-free mini photo shoot with our portrait photographer as well.

10. The last hour of the event is our “Big Reveal Party.” We’ll indulge in a mimosa bar and decadent sweets, raising a toast as our product images, line sheets and head shots are projected onto a giant wall. Cheers!

You’ll leave the event with your empire on a special Get Lucky Live thumb drive. No, really! The simple product photos for your line sheets + website, the styled product photo(s) for your catalog, home page, + social media profiles, your new custom line sheets + order forms and your holy-smokes-look-you-gorgeous head shot(s). It’s all there, along with resource lists, templates, worksheets and sample scripts from the business workshops at the event.

You’re headed home armed. Empowered, Confident. Connected. Ready to build a creative empire and we’ll guide you through the process every step of the way! Grab your seat and let’s get started, shall we?

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