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Get Lucky Live! was created by Lela Barker, who’s been a maker herself for more than a decade. After landing more than 1200 wholesale accounts for her product collection, Lela founded Lucky Break Consulting to share her wisdom + toolbox with other creatives. Get Lucky Live! is a natural evolution of the workshops + design services she’s used to propel hundreds of makers forward in their own entrepreneurial journeys. Lela’s “how to wholesale” virtual incubation programs have sold out within days all four times they’ve been offered. Reservations for each have proved to be a seriously hot ticket, with every last seat being claimed in a record 48 hours during the last round. For reals! Now she’s taking the show on the road + juicing it up with innovative photography + design services via Get Lucky Live! She’s built a reputation for delivering seasoned wisdom with incredible authenticity + sprinkling it all with humor.


“Lela is an excellent strategist with a quick mind and a gentle soul. Learning from her is always exciting, interesting and useful. You won’t be disappointed and you won’t be bored.” Anne-Marie Faiola, CEO of Bramble Berry Inc. Brambleberry, Washington

“I just loved the sh*t out of the whole thing. You’re adorable and approachable and you made me feel like nothing was off limits to ask and I learnt so much from you being so open with your business experience over the last 10 years.” Kathryn Green, The Smallest Tribe Australia

“Lela is quick on her feet and a ball of energy. She tackles life and business with a joie de vivre that’s extremely contagious. I’m in awe of her ability to envision paths and develop strategies on the tightest of deadlines and with finite amounts of information and feedback. The chick is a visionary…” Areej Sultan, Beautylicious Kuwait

“Lela is amazing at taking all the most important information about a subject and conveying it in a way that makes complete sense. That on its own is worth its weight in gold, but to have such comprehensive handouts for easy reference is above and beyond.” Susan Mann, Manor Hall Soap Co. Massachusetts

“Every time we meet, I always learn new and exciting ways of doing business. From driving more customers to my site and the best ways to keep in contact with customers, you consistently bring fresh ideas to the table that propel my business forward. I cannot thank you enough for all of the support and knowledge throughout the years. You’re always a positive force with a no-nonsense approach to getting the job done!” Teri Pringle, Blue Flour Best Baked Goods South Carolina

“I wish this course was around before I started selling anything. You’ve turned my entire business policies upside-down, or should I say ‘right side up!” Diana O’Donnell, Moana Beauty Florida

“You paced the curriculum perfectly and in doing so, you gave me laser focus. I have a solid plan now. I feel confidant and I feel like I’m in control of my business for the first time ever.” Lisa Thorstenson, Cloud Nine Soap Co. Wisconsin

“Not only is Lela professional and dedicated, she also operates with a huge degree of passion for the work and for improving the world in the process. I would highly recommend her work.” Devin Hibbard, Bead for Life Colorado

“Lela changed me from a complete novice who was scared to even think of wholesaling to a confident professional, fired up and ready to conquer the wholesaling world. I’ve taken so many courses over the past two years and I should say this one has been the best!” Karpagam Gobalakrishna, Jvaala’s Jewels California

“Lela Barker is real as rain and precious as pie! She’s endearing, genuine and a joy to work with. Lela will wake you, shake you and help you take your business to new levels. If you’re dead serious about making your business better, then call Lela.” Leann Pass, Signature Minerals Alabama

“Lela Barker is naturally business savvy. She’s an entrepreneur who not only pursues her business with passion and zest, but who also drives you to do the same in yours. I have watched Lela help countless numbers of small business owners. I highly recommend her, without a shred of hesitation, to anyone who seeks a skilled business mentor and counselor.” Donna Maria Coles Johnson, Indie Business Network North Carolina

“Lela encourages her students to build their best businesses on a solid foundation, make smart decisions and not be afraid to step outside their comfort zones.” Celeste Munford, JLexi New Jersey

“Lela shares abundantly, gives tremendously, lives boldly, teaches enthusiastically, fights for her peeps passionately and does it all with enough grace to live as an open book. Count your blessings and grab onto Lela’s coat tails for the ride of your life with Lucky Break Consulting.” Kayla Fioravanti, Author Tennessee

“This is one of the most valuable investments I’ve made in myself. Not just in my business, but in my whole person.” Danielle Vincent, Outlaw Soaps California

“Lela, thank you for investing in us. Thank you for sharing the good, bad and ugly. Thank you for honest assessments of our situations and cheering us on. Thank you for your willingness to share your hard-earned success with us so we can have a bit of a smoother ride.” Lynn Elko, Emma & Friends Pennsylvania

“Lela Barker will change your life!” Tamara Lewis, Azariah’s Innocence New York