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Through hundreds of hours of private consultations with makers + live teaching, Lela Barker has connected some dots to get at the heart of what’s holding back so many of our businesses. She’s noticed that fantastically talented people are burning themselves out + walking away from the empires of their dreams because the foundations of a strong business haven’t been laid beneath those passionate pursuits.

  • Most makers are fueled by their passion, but struggling with the “business” end of things. We’re either agonizing over our numbers or ignoring them altogether. (neither is a wise strategy)
  • We often devote so much energy to creating beautiful, small batch goods that we’re exhausted (and financially tapped out) by the time we begin to develop the presentation of those products. But the presentation is where the magic lies… success in the marketplace rises + falls on it!
  • We lust after the indie brands that seem to have it all together: stunning, beautifully styled product photography, fabulous head shots, professional marketing materials. We crave those things for ourselves, but anemic budgets often prevent us from bringing in the pros. And we’re either too busy or unsure of how to do it ourselves.
  • We want to see our products on the shelves of our favorite shops + spas + galleries, but we’re terribly anxious about approaching wholesale buyers. A lack of knowledge + experience with regard to the etiquette + rules of engagement frequently hold us back from even trying.
  • We’re short on time + watching our dollars + struggling with plates which are far too full.

Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. Wait… wasn’t this whole “having your own business” gig supposed to be fun? No one said it was going to be easy, but it doesn’t have to feel like you’re slowly drowning, either. Get Lucky Live! is designed to bring together creative entrepreneurs for an intimate, exclusive live event which lays the business foundations you need to succeed in an increasingly competitive artisan marketplace.

By the time we wrap this 3 day live event, you'll know...

  • How the wholesale market can expand your reach + boost your cash flow + enable you to focus on the aspects of the business that you truly adore.
  • How to differentiate your products in the crowded indie/ handmade/ maker marketplace.
  • How to develop smart wholesale policies that both protect your business + attract wholesale buyers. You’ll also learn how to brilliantly + succinctly encapsulate those policies.
  • How to connect with stores that will be receptive to your brand + how to communicate with those buyers in a compelling way that leads to orders.
  • How to design beautiful + effective line sheets and order forms that put critical information about your brand at the fingertips of the decision makers.
  • How to develop a killer customer service program that keeps wholesale buyers coming back for more.
  • How to accurately calculate the true costs of bringing your products into creation. Plus: how to use those costs as the foundation of a successful pricing strategy.
  • How to develop juicy pitches + connect with media movers + shakers to land free editorial features in magazines + blogs.
  • How to style photos for blogs + social media outlets that get attention without breaking the bank.
  • How to carry your branding through to your preferred social media platforms to connect with buyers + tastemakers + media.

We’d love to welcome you to our next event. What empire can we build with you?